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Aerosol Spray Paint Use V.O.C

General Information about VOC in Aerosol Spray Paints.

Volatile Organic compound (VOC) are solvents that get released into the air as paint cures or dries. Emission standards for aerosol spray paints, also known as aerosol coatings, which mean a VOC’s potential to form ground-level ozone. Ozone forms when emissions of VOCs and nitrogen oxides react in the presence of sunlight.

The number generally accepted for a low-VOC paint is less than 50 grams per litre; a zero-VOC paint has fewer than 5 grams per litre. You should always check the technical information to get the V.O.C levels before application.

Your Spray Paints V.O.C (on average)

2K ADC – Maximum VOC Content (RFU) – 0.5kgs/ltr

1K QAD Enamel – Maximum VOC Content (RFU) – 0.54kgs/ltr

1K Synthetic – Maximum VOC Content (RFU) – 0.45kgs/ltr

1K Cellulose – Maximum VOC Content (RFU) – 0.70kgs/ltr

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With over 30 years of industry experience, we want to help people ensure they get the best results from our professional products. Spray painting is a professional skill and one that requires training on both Health & Safety as well as spray methodology to ensure that both usage efficient and safe. Although we are confident in our custom colour matching process, we recommend that you check the colour for accuracy before application. We won’t be able to accept responsibility for mismatch after you applied the coating.

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