Choosing the right paint types


When looking to purchase the right paint type, it is important to understand the many variances that perform different functions within paint finishing (which can become confusing) so, below is some information to help you understand the right paint for your project. If you prefer to call someone regarding this, then please contact our customer service team on 0800 530 0375 or

The two main questions we always ask clients when purchasing spray paints is to find out: what surface they are spraying onto and what type of finish is required. It is also important to factor in whether the surface they are spray painting is subject to weather, UV and other conditions and thus needs to be hard wearing or repellent in some way.

When thinking of paint finishes most people only think of the gloss level, i.e. satin, matt etc, and although this is generally known as a type of paint finish, this is not actually a finish – it is a sheen. Paint finish in its truest sense relates to the final coating to finish the job and thus relates more to resilience, such as weather or oil resistance (or durability), rather than just the sheen. Some coatings will be lacquered finished and others will need the paint to be durable at high temperatures.

1K vs 2K

First let us look at 1K and 2K, as this creates a lot of confusion when choosing Spray Paint.

Sometimes referred to as 1 pack and 2 pack Spray Paint, the main difference between a 1K and 2K is in how the paint cures and therefore to do with the resilience of the final coating.

A 1 pack paint does not require an activator to cure and so it is normally a faster drying paint, however the final coating is not as hard wearing and resilient as a 2 pack paint, which requires an activator (hardener) to cure and is in general a slower drying paint but provides the most resilient final coating.

Both our 1K QAD and 2K ADC come with faster drying times. Our 1K QAD Enamel paint comes with a quick air dry system to speed up drying times and our 2K paint is a full 2K paint mixed with a Non-Isocyanate Air Dry Convertor rather that the standard harmful Isocyanate based hardeners. It provides a safer application, increases the shelf life of the paint and provides more protection to people, animals and the environment.

This is a very important point, as there is a major health risk issue with the 2 pack paints that include the traditional Isocyanate based hardener if not used under strict health and safety conditions. So before buying 2K pack Spray Paint Aerosols please read up on Isocyanate Hardeners and the difference between 1K and 2K aerosol canisters, which we have included as part of our Q&A section.

Different Paint Types

2K Acrylic ADC (air dry converted): A full 2K paint and one of the most versatile and durable paints available. Acrylic is hard wearing, as well as being weather, petrol and oil resistant when fully cured and can be applied over most pre-painted surfaces without need for a sealer. Our version uses a safer Non-Isocyanate Activator (hardener) to cure material. Suitable for most substrate surfaces outdoors as well as inside, including metal, wood and some plastics.

1K QAD Enamel: An industrial 1 pack quick air-dry paint for use in situations where quick drying and tough coatings are needed. Suitable for most surfaces indoors including metal, wood and some plastics.

1K Polyurethane Synthetic: An industrial coating used in virtually all industrial markets to provide a smooth durable finish, which has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemical exposure. Suitable for most surfaces indoors including metal, wood and some plastics.

1K Cellulose: A historic paint used on cars prior to 1978, it has excellent drying times, ease of use and is simple to polish to a high gloss after application. Can be used for many substrates such as wood, metal and some plastics.


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