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Your Spray Paints provides high quality off-the-shelf and bespoke-custom-filled products to both trade & public. Over the last 35 years we have made every effort to ensure the highest qualities are maintained in both products and customer service help & advice offered.

Although many fail-safes are in place, with some of our products being tailor-made to specific customer requirements, we accept that errors can sometimes occur. This policy page outlines our process for handling any such errors.

Your Spray Paints do not offer any exchanges or refunds outside of the 14 days of purchase.

Your Spray Paints have the right to refuse any refunds or replacements if canisters have had excessive use, meaning if more than 10% of the paint has been used. We allow a certain amount for testing however if more is used the customer is accepting the products.

Your Spray Paints have the right to refuse any refunds or replacements, please only call us to discuss any issues with your purchase, once you have read this page and completed the RO1 Form, customer services will require this form to look into your particular issue.

Please note: We only action issues once we have received a completed RO1 form and attachments, we do not offer any refunds or replacements outside of this procedure.

Your Spray Paints provides two main types of products:
(a) Off the Shelf Products
(b) Custom Filled Bespoke Products

  • Returns, replacement or refunds for our Off the Shelf products:

We will replace or refund your money for any genuine reason that the product provided is either damaged or faulty. You will understand that the product will need to be fully tested to verify the problem once it is returned. Please note returning products is at your own expense.

  • Returns, replacement or refunds for our Custom Filled Bespoke Products:

We only offer a replacement service for custom filled products. We are unable to refund any custom filled bespoke products, however we will replace a product without delay once we have verified any fault or error. The customer will understand that the product will need to be fully tested to verify the problem once it is returned to us. Please note returning products is at your own expense.

All items that are returned for replacement must not be altered in any way. Damaged items will not be refunded nor replaced.

Having issues with your custom filled Spray Paints?
Any issues you are experiencing will either be (a) with the canister and /or (b) with the colour shade. Both can either be caused by user or mix error.

Issues with the canister or Aerosol
If the paint is not coming out of the nozzle correctly then you have a ‘nozzle block’ which can either be partial or full

  • A ‘partial nozzle block’ means the paint is spluttering out unevenly or like silly string and not spraying correctly, but is still coming out of the nozzle. This can be easily resolved by ‘emptying the valve’ which means turning the canister upside down and counting to 10 (slowly) and then spraying out the colour whilst holding the aerosol upside down. This will remove any speckle of paint that was drying in the nozzle when you mixed the canister or before. This can be caused by either user or mix error.

Please note: As these are professional products, it is assumed that you understand that if a canister is used and then left without ‘emptying the value’ then this can lead to a partial or full nozzle block depending upon the timeframe and when this fault occurs it is deemed user error.

If after attempting to ‘empty the valve’ you still have issues, please complete the RO1 form below and then customer services will come back to you.

  • A ‘full nozzle block’ occurs when the paint enters and dries within the nozzle when mixing the colour or before and/or the can has been left after use without ‘emptying the valve’.

If this occurs and no paint is coming out of the nozzle then do not keep pushing down on the nozzle as this will force paint up at speed and it will come out of the bottom of the nozzle and down the canister. Do not try and mend the Nozzle or tamper with the canister in anyway as this will void your replacement.

You can either replace the blocked nozzle with a working nozzle from your pack of products from us or a new nozzle from purchasing a pack of new nozzles. If you have neither then complete the RO1 form below and customer services will come back to you. The Aerosols are designed for nozzles to be easily replaced.

Issues with the colour or shade – post mix.
If you are experiencing issues with the colour shade coming out of the can, this can be due to a few reasons and caused by either user error or mix fault. Our process will identify the issue and look to solve it.

Your Spray Paints have been professionally mixing paint for over 3 decades. We mix to manufacture verified swatch (there are only three verified industry standard swatches in the UK) We mix to the Delta Max Range of tolerance and under the British Standard guides for professional paint mixing procedures.

All coloured paint mixes are verified by us to DMR tolerance of manufacture shade, you accept that colour accuracy needs to be checked via a paint system not a digital image which can be slightly different. No responsibility for colour differences can be accepted based upon a digital image.

Although we have many fail-safe processes in place i.e. dry sample for every bespoke mix we produce as well as system formulations etc., due the nature of bespoke custom filled products made to client specification we accept errors can occur and we operate a ‘no-quibble policy’ that means ‘if we can verify that we have made an error we will replace the product and cover any shipping costs the client has incurred’.

Although when any issue occurs with colour we naturally and immediately blame the product, we must rule out any user errors prior to looking at any mix error. This is because many non-professionals use our custom filled products, and they may not be aware how to use them correctly.

Colour shade differences from user error mainly occur when a) incorrectly mixing the aerosol paint can, b) using the wrong product on an unknown surface, or c) not following the right drying process for that particular paint.

  • a) Mixing the Colour Paint Correctly

As the contents cannot be seen inside the can, it is important to ensure the colour has been mixed fully. If the colour is not mixed fully, then two things may occur, firstly an incorrect mix alters colour shade and secondly, important elements can be sprayed out which may cause further issues.

Many people who are used to ‘rattle cans’ will pick up a custom filled spray paint and just start shaking for a short while, they will hear the ‘rattle’ shake for a short while and start spraying. Whilst some of the time this may work fine, this is not the correct way to mix a freshly prepared can of coloured spray paint.

If the can has sat for a time at the courier’s depot and then again at your office or home before application then much of the paint, especially ‘white’ (the heaviest paint) will be at the bottom of the can therefore, before use it is important to mix the paint correctly. This means you first need to turn the aerosol upside down and shake continuously for a minimum of 60 seconds, then turn the can the right way and again shake continuously for another 60 seconds to ensure the minimum amount of time has been given to mix the paint fully.

You would then press the nozzle gently down to open the aspirator, sometimes this will splutter a little at first and then spray out, you should always perform a brief spray test on some white paper or spray out card to ensure you are happy with the colour before use.

Without mixing the paint thoroughly shades can be different as well as important elements sprayed out such as tinters etc. These are the most common user errors.

More Information about a first use of the spray paints can be found here in our ‘first use’ video:

  • b) Using the wrong product on an unknown surface

Whilst most paints are adaptive if you are using incompatible paints on an unknown surface it can react and cause a colour shade variance. The surface being sprayed on may have a coating already placed and this can be the cause of the issue. Always ask customer services if you are unsure prior to purchase.

An example of this can occur when spraying onto shop fronts or antique furniture where you are spraying onto a pre-existing surface. Another example of this would be if you spray a 2pac paint onto a 1pac paint due to incompatibility, it may react. Another example, if you do not use the correct primer it can cause flaking or other issues. All these examples are deemed user error.

  • c) Not allowing the right drying process per paint type

We are all busy and in a rush, especially when it comes to painting, so if we do not follow the recommended drying times or we flush the paint which increases the drying times this affects colour shade.

All our drying times are listed in the Technical Data for each product. As you can see on this page: These are set by manufacture based upon room temperature around 19-20c, if however the temperature drops under this then this may increase the drying times, and if the temperature is above it will decrease the drying times.

Not allowing the correct drying times will alter the shade of the paint as wet paint can sometimes be a different shade than a fully cured paint. If you flush the paint, which means apply too much at once then it will trap the solvents and not allow the coat to release the solvents (breath) and thus cure the paint, this can also alter the shade.

If you have checked all the above first and you are satisfied that you have applied the right mixing process, drying time, application, etc., and the issue remains the same then please complete the RO1 form below and customer services will come back to you.

Damaged Goods
If in the unlikely event that your goods arrive in a damaged condition or are defective, you must inform us as soon as is practically possible, stating the Order Number and the nature of the damage. Failure to do so will deem that you have accepted the goods. If for any reason a replacement is not available for a damaged item, we will refund the value of the returned damaged goods to the original payment method.

Nothing in these conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods.

If you are unsure about anything, please contact customer services on 0800 530 0375

RO1 Product Issue Form

Product Information & Reason for Return

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Please note: We can only process items returned to this address

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