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Coachella has been the biggest music festival in the US for a long time. It brings together like-minded individuals who wish to enjoy incredible music. But aside from that, legions of artists gather at the famous festival to create astounding street art. The festival brings in around 100,000 visitors, allowing artists to inspire many with their work.

Coachella Walls Street Art

Artist: SANER & SEGO | Image by Coachella Walls

In amongst the buzzing atmosphere of happy festival-goers, there are incredible pieces of artistic prowess in the form of murals. These large, colourful paintings are a homage to the lives and struggles of the local population. In 2017, the “Coachella Walls” project was started. It aimed to continue efforts to transform the downtown Pueblo View area into a must-see arts destination with a historical and cultural walking tour. These beautiful and powerful murals attract art lovers and sightseers from across the globe. The project has gained national attention and features artists who have painted murals throughout Europe, the United States, and Latin America.


Coachella Global Inheritance Trashed

TRASHed Program | Images by Global Inheritance

Another platform upon which artists create their works are recycling bins. In 2017, Global Inheritance selected a group of artists to decorate recycling bins to promote global awareness and recycling at the festival. In return for their creations, they each received a VIP pass for the festival in addition to other benefits. It is estimated that 107 tons of solid waste is generated at the music festival each day, meaning these bins are seen and used by many.


Coachella Festival 2017 Art Installations

Coachella 2017 Art Installations | Images by Coachella

Alongside the artistry of waste disposal, sensational artistic installations are created at the City of Coachella. With a stellar lineup of musicians, these art installations establish an immense impact on visitors. The festival commissions creators from around the world to conceive unique, site-specific and awe-inspiring works to amaze, delight and engage audiences. With established and emerging artists contributing, the art installations truly represent the pulse of the art world.

The City of Coachella, with its murals, bins, art installations and more, truly offers a festival of the arts in addition to the incredible music. Beauty infiltrates each and every part of the festival and the street art is a must-see for all.


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